Little Ant Colony

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Version: 3.4.1
  • MOD - Unlimited sugar / food / DNA / Fast level up
  • Genre: Casual
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5.0 +
Android Requirements
Little Ant Colony

Plot "Little Ant Colony"

Get a hardworking ant at your disposal and create a whole colony of brothers around it. The gamer's task is to increase the number of ant individuals so that they can build an anthill. It is necessary to give a task to each ant so that it contributes to the common cause. User-controlled creatures scour the area to find food and use it for the colony. The ant community grows from any resources: pizza slices, vegetables and fruits, cookies — every edible product benefits. The more ants there are in the colony, the more it needs to be improved. Addictive arcade clicker, perfectly relieves boredom.

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Information about MOD
  • Unlimited DNA
  • Unlimited food
  • Unlimited sugar
  • Fast level up (every time you upgrade you will level up)
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