Bid Wars: Lombard Empire - Auction Simulator

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Version: 1.51.1
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4.1 +
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Bid Wars: Lombard Empire - Auction Simulator

Plot "Bid Wars: Lombard Empire - Auction Simulator"

Do you want to make good money? Try your hand at the auction. Assess the level of your intuition, willingness to take risks, ingenuity. These are the qualities required by the future owner of his own pawnshop empire! You have to fight the competition by raising your bids for the property you want. Do not be afraid to play on the feelings of your opponent, because only cunning and ingenuity will help you become a leader. Auction is always a passion. Learn to do a quick analysis of the situation so that your offer is always ahead of the competition. Open your pawnshop, where every item for sale is a rarity, obtained by you at a profitable auction. Feel free to participate in all kinds of sales, because you never know where you will find the real treasure!

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