Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG

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Version: 2.3.0
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5.0 +
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Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG
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    Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Android Requirements
    Android 5.0 +
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Plot "Tom Clancy's Elite Squad - Military RPG"

The mysterious Obtainr corporation has created an AI in its laboratories aimed at fulfilling anti-human goals. Robots placed on the path of evil pose a serious danger. Your task as the commander of the elite special forces is to eliminate the company that has released such a big threat to the world. The user gathers his squad, which includes characters from different projects of the Tom Clancy universe. Since Obtainr robots harm both good and bad heroes, there is a place for both first and second in your squad. Role-playing RPG provides the opportunity to fight one-on-one and five-on-five. Dynamic gameplay.

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Information about MOD
1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill
// Kill Enemies with 1 Hit

3. Godmode // Take No Damage
4. Unlimited Orders // No Order Cooldown
5. Clear Wave // Moves to next wave
6. Frozen Enemies // Enemies won’t attack
7. Disable Enemy Abilities // Enemy can’t use Abilities
8. Always Win // Lose = Win
9. All Avatars Unlocked // All Avatars Usable
10. All Soldier Abilities Unlocked // All Soldier Abilities Usable
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