Zombie Hunter King

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Version: 1.0.825
  • MOD - God Mode / One Hit
  • Genre: Action
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2.3 +
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Zombie Hunter King
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  • Android Requirements
    Android 2.3 +
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Plot "Zombie Hunter King"

An unusual first-person shooter offers you to fight the zombie hordes from a unique position - fixed, not mobile! Do you think this will limit you? In no case! The user gets an excellent opportunity to assess the danger and avoid an attack from the back. A hard-hitting action game that transforms an exclusively single-player gamer into a tireless zombie slayer. You just need to shoot and enjoy the monsters falling under the hail of bullets. Although the player is at a stationary point, zombies can appear suddenly, which does not exclude the threat of loss. Plus, the walking dead move surprisingly fast. Good selection of weapons.

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