Clan N

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Version: 1.3.2
  • MOD - Unlimited Money
  • Genre: Action
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5.0 +
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Clan N
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    Android 5.0 +
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Plot "Clan N"

An unrivaled RPG with a gripping storyline! Akuji, a powerful samurai of Clan N, has managed to uncover the secret of the universe. He realized that the balance depends on 3 components: peace, time and knowledge. The discovery led the hero to an all-consuming lust for power. Realizing that by destroying any component, he will receive an imbalance that will endow him with tremendous spiritual strength, Akuji embarked on the path of evil. The clan expelled the traitor, but he did not stop, but formed a group of his minions - Seishin Gong. 4 characters with unique abilities (user with friends or bots) are fighting against him. Shinobi Swordsman Akira controls lightning. Armed with a staff, Reyna obeys the elements of the earth. The monk with the sickle Tarot summons dragons, and the swordsman Daiki creates a tornado. Following the beat'em up canons, the game gives an amazing experience.

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Information about MOD
Version 1.2.1 may not work on some devices, if this happens try with version 1.1.
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