Furistas Cat Cafe

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Version: 3.010
  • MOD - Unlimited Money
  • Genre: Casual
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5.0 +
Android Requirements
Furistas Cat Cafe

Plot "Furistas Cat Cafe"

The cats are so cute! The arcade game invites the user to a cat cafe, where pussies who have lost their home live. Playing the role of the main character (a good-natured girl) looking after the cats, the gamer takes care of the pets, which is very difficult. First, it is necessary to feed well kittens and adult cats and cats, which are very aggressive, especially when they want to take away treats. The heroine is endowed with only 10 lives, which she gradually loses if she does not avoid a feline attack. Secondly, each inhabitant of an unusual cafe needs to find an owner or mistress, for which it is necessary to understand the feline "characters". Most importantly, live until 17:00! Nice old school project.

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- Unlimited Money
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