Anger of stick 5 : zombie

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Version: 1.1.71
  • MOD - Unlimited Money
  • Genre: Action
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4.4 +
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Anger of stick 5 : zombie
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  • Android Requirements
    Android 4.4 +
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Plot "Anger of stick 5 : zombie"

One day a group of strangers appeared in a peaceful town. The aliens are hostile: they have arrived to conduct experiments on unsuspecting townspeople. As a result, a virus broke free, leading to mutations. The city is overrun with zombies, with whom Stickman is fighting! The thin man is armed to the teeth. He uses not only standard weapons and fists, but also unusual means of exterminating the rebellious dead. The hero moves through the city, where hordes of rotting corpses are waiting for him, wanting to feast on human brains. When the few survivors meet on his way, Stickman does everything to protect the people. You can play both independently and in a group of up to 6 gamers. The movement and action of the action is very realistic.

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