Realm Defense: Hero Legends

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Version: 2.7.5
  • MOD - Unlimited Money \ Diamonds\Unlocked
  • Genre: Strategy
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4.1 +
Android Requirements
Realm Defense: Hero Legends
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  • Android Requirements
    Android 4.1 +
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Plot "Realm Defense: Hero Legends"

Great TD strategy! Your hero is a brave warrior standing on the defense of his fortress. Who is attacking? The weak-willed slaves who flatter themselves before the first abbot of the kingdom. Yesterday they were peaceful people, but the dastardly priest added poison to the water supply system, thereby forcing the entire population to obey. Now his soldiers want to take the last bulwark of justice - your tower. Opponents are selected, but you are smart and dexterous. Having developed a wise strategy, the gamer throws off the attackers, plunging the insidious abbot into despair. And let your hero be alone! His courage is more than enough for an entire army!

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Information about MOD
  • -> Max Normal Damage
  • -> Max Special Damage
  • -> Max Shield
  • -> Max Magic Shield
  • -> Fast Health Regen
  • -> Fast Shield Regen
  • -> Cast Spells Instantly
  • -> Cant Miss
  • -> Always Dodge
  • -> Max Move Speed
  • -> Enemy Speed
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