Last Day on Earth: Survival

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Version: 1.19.2
  • MOD - Free crafting \ Everything is open \ High damage
  • Genre: Action
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5.0 +
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Last Day on Earth: Survival
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    Android 5.0 +
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Plot "Last Day on Earth: Survival"

2027 was a fatal year for the Earth. After a pandemic of an unknown virus, millions died, turning into zombies. Only those with a resist in their blood survived, retaining their humanity. A few survivors roam the ruins of civilization, trying to protect themselves from hordes of zombies and marauders. Your character is one of the survivors. You need to monitor his vital signs (hunger, thirst) and provide resources with which the necessary items are made (tools, weapons, vehicles). Your hero must defend the borders of his shelter from zombies, as well as make forays into the territory of other survivors to find rare loot. Fight mutant zombies, loot and throw off bandits - everything in this world is subject to the main rule - there are no rules for survival at any cost!

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Information about MOD
MOD 1:
Free crafting and building (you can create things even if you don't have enough components);
Infinite durability of tools and equipment;
You can separate individual elements;
Unlocked paid skins;
After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left corner to open the mod menu, which has the following options:
Dividing items increases their number;
All crafting recipes are available regardless of character level;
Instant movement on foot on the global map (events do not appear without losing energy);
Open survivor's diary rewards + moving from place to the global map gives an unknown field + moving from the global map to the place will spawn raiders;
High damage;
Quick walk;
The crowds stand still
The mod does not work in multiplayer locations! For breaking into them with a hack, the game can ban you!
The mod does not work on some devices! If it doesn't work for you (for example, there is an infinite loading that can't be fixed in any way), don't use it.


1. Ignore Defecation - On / Off = New
2. Infinite XP - On/Off = New cut tree to get XP
3. Skill No Cooldown - On / Off
4. Rollback - On / Off
5. Weapon mod - On / Off = New
6. Turn on/off No miss
7. 100% Critical On/Off
8. Super Bow - On / Off
9. Do not consume when using food and kit - On / Off = New
10. Durability Element - On / Off
11. Item Duplicate - On / Off = Only worked with non-packable items such as weapons
12. Energy cost 1 - On / Off
13. Fast travel - On / Off
14. Hit without aiming - On / Off
15. Enemy Range - On / Off
16. Free Instant On/Off Build = New
17. Free Craft & Assembly – On/Off
18. Character Skins - Turn On/Off
19. Motorcycle Skins - On / Off = New All Skins
20. Gift Braz Mods - On / Off = New Gift
21. God Mod - On / Off
22. Click "Kill" - On / Off


Mods menu (with choice):
– Free creation and construction (does not work in PvP zones, including sector 7);
– Free update
– All recipes are open
– Quick crafting at the workbench
– Duplication of individual items
– When resources are divided, their number increases
- Durable weapon
– Instant walking tour on the map
– Unlocked all events on the global map
- Unlimited food
– Increase, x2 l. With. and other


Menu Mod
Premium Unlock
Bike Skin Unlocked
Weapon Modify Unlocked
Blackmod Gift ( Build Atv Bike With One Click And More )
Skin Unlocked
One Hit
God Mode
Unlimited Durability (Weapon , Armor…) [new]
Crash Fixed [new]
Magic Split (Split An Item To Get More) [new]
Craft From The 1st Level ( No Level Requirements )
Item Duplication (Split An Item To Get More)
Free Crafting (Craft Without Required Items)
Free Building (Build Without Required Items Tajobs)
No Building Requirements
Free Upgrading (Upgrade Without Required Items)
No Level Requirements
Fast Travel
No Energy Cost ( Choose Walk To Move )
Instant Move ( Choose Walk To Move )
Unlock All Event
Unlimited Iteam Food Water ( Turn Off If U Can Put Item )
Fast Loot ( Click To Loot No Wait Time)
No Level Skill Requirement ( Open All Chest Dor Need Lv Skill )
Unlimited Inbox Item ( Gift Box , Pack Box , Single Weapon )
Fast Move Speed
All Event Unlocked


 [ Player Menu ] –
  • God Mode
  • Custom Damage Taken
  • Custom Damage Inflicted
  • Movement Speed Multiplier (enemy also benefits)
  • Ignore defecate debuffs
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Always Critical Hits
  • No need to Aim
– [ Enemy Menu ] –
  • Dumb Enemy
– [ Items Menu ] –
  • Items don’t get consumed when used
  • Duplicate Items when Splitting
– [ Map Menu ] –
  • World Map Cheap Travel
  • World Map Fast Travel
– [ Freebies Menu ] –
  • Ignore requierements on several actions (unlock items, craft them without consuming items, build without consuming items, …)
  • Unlock Skins
  • Unlock Weapon Modify

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  1. Hel1x
    1 May 2021 17:21
    Почему у меня не заходит в игру хотя все нормально экран закрузки и все

    1. Arina
      17 May 2021 10:50
      какой мод устанавливаете? 
    3 June 2021 02:28
    Такая же история скачивал два мода и не один не грузит 
  3. Татьяна
    4 June 2021 12:08
    Мод 1 не работает. 
    Расщеплять нельзя, бесплатного создания нет. Другие функции не проверяла. 

    Установила мод 2
    Видимо я тупанула и не включила слева в игре мод, поэтому не работало. 
    Все работает, даже мод чтоб боты не двигались. 
    Круто, спасибо. 
  4. Татьяна
    9 June 2021 17:40
    Мод 2:
    Невозможно пройти задание в баре и локация база байкеров не работает. Зайти на нее можно, но нельзя ни с кем взаимодействовать. 
    28 June 2021 04:03
    что делать если я не могу зайти в игру(я установил мод 1)
  6. My
    12 July 2021 01:32
    Просто пишет "ошибка разбора пакетов"

  7. Balinor
    21 August 2021 21:08
    Мод1 не соответствуєт 
  8. Александр
    9 September 2021 15:21
    Когда будит обновления модов?

  9. Павлуха Орловский
    Павлуха Орловский
    18 November 2021 23:18
    Как можно обновить игру

  10. Павлуха Орловский
    Павлуха Орловский
    3 December 2021 20:32
    Как обновить мод 1