Among Us

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Version: 2022.2.24
  • MOD - Unlocked All / Skins / Hats / Pets
  • Genre: Action
239 голосов
4.4 +
Android Requirements
Among Us
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    Innersloth LLC
  • Android Requirements
    Android 4.4 +
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Plot "Among Us"

For fans of co-op action, we offer exciting entertainment! The minimum number of participants in game sessions is 5 gamers. There are two options available: the player can act as a peaceful character, or can take on the role of a criminal. In the first case, you need to find the enemies, and then destroy them all. The second form assumes the opposite development: the villain destroys innocent citizens. It is quite difficult to implement the task in both the 1st and 2nd cases, since random events constantly occur in the game that can dramatically affect the process. The story unfolds on board a spaceship, among the passengers and crew of which an impostor, aka a criminal, is hiding. So, who are you? A good hero or an outcast who seeks chaos?

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Information about MOD
MOD 1:
Show Team / Impostor
no kill cooldown
end of voting
Move To Meeting
Unlimited Emergency Meetings
No Recharge Meeting
No Recharge Doors [Impostors]
Make Everyone Enter The Vent
Make Everyone Leave the Ventilation
Fire of Sabotage
Repair Sabotage
Torch Distance
Close Doors
See Ghost + Chat
Complete Quests
Highlight Text
Color selection
Vote Color
[Motion Menu]
[Host Menu]
Always an Impostor - [Praise Yowang For Help]
Game End [Impostors Win]
End of Game [Crew Wins]
Instant Win [Enable Before Launch]
Random Colors
Random Hats
Random Skins
Random Pets
Change everyone's name
[Account Menu]
Unlocked Skins
Unlocked Pets
Unlocked Hats
[Miscellaneous Menu]
No Ads
Penalty for Lack of Vacation
Enlarged Report [Buggy]
Confirm Enter
The Long Killing
Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Impostor Always On]
Chat Always Visible

Moderated Axey

MOD 2:

Player Speed ​​(Slider)
- Ghost Player Speed ​​(Slider)
- Player Color (Slider)
- No Holiday Cooldown
- Unblock All Households
Animals - Unlock All Hats
- Unlock All Skins
- Increase Illumination
- Increased Report Distance
- Off the map [after the first vote]
- No Door Tampering Recharge
- No Kill Cooldown
- Illegal Name
- No Emergency Recharge
- Unlimited Number of Emergency Situations
- No Ads
- Fake Religious Procession
- Make Everyone Green [Visual]
- Moving During Tasks / Meetings / Menu
- Chat Always Visible
- Close Doors (Spinner)
- Repair Systems (Spinner)
- Sabotage Systems (Spinner)
- Noclip
- Player 2/3 = Impostor
- Character Bypass Username
- Fake impostor [turns on in the lobby and then turns off in the game]
- randomization of tasks [1]
- Always the Pretender
- Complete All Quests
- Voting Never Ends
- Number of Impostors [0-10] (Slider)
- Ending Voting (Spinner)
- End of game [screen may darken] (Spinner)
- random hat changer [use only one of them]
- random skin changer [use only one of them]
- random pet changer [use only one of them]
- random color changer [use only one of them]
- Location Teleporter [Beta]
- Voice of the Player (Spinner)

MOD 3:
You can choose any clothes, hats and pets (after connecting to the room, go to your laptop, click the Configure button and select the items you want in the Hat, Pet and Leather sections).
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