Jurassic World: The Game

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Version: 1.60.5
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Jurassic World: The Game

Plot "Jurassic World: The Game"

Jurassic World: A simulation game for android, based on the movie "Jurassic World". Prehistoric lizards come to life before your eyes and are ready to take part in deadly battles against enemies. Your task: to build a park of your dreams, where not only are they engaged in breeding and breeding of prehistoric creatures, but also they breed lizards to get more powerful and ferocious monsters. Improve your park, train dinosaurs, cross dinosaurs to breed new species. Fight players around the world to find out: the monsters in whose park can rightfully be considered the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

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Free purchases and updates (but not all).

Free in-app purchase
Be sure to install Lucky Patcher, otherwise the MOD may not work. (Open mod whit Lucky Patcher)
To include the VIP in the game, select “Save purchase to restore” when purchasing a VIP!
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