Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley
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Plot "Stardew Valley"

The ultimate farm simulator combined with an RPG! The user (initially a tired office worker) receives an inheritance - an abandoned farm in Stardew Valley. Having processed the character to taste (gender, age, appearance), the player goes to their lands. There is a lot of work ahead: clearing the land, planting plants and growing crops, raising livestock, fishing, etc. There is a town next to the farm, where the character often comes to replenish some resources, have fun or even go on a date. Making a profit helps expand the farm. Nice gameplay, relaxing game that gives a feeling of coziness.

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Information about MOD
Endless money and stamina
Ingredients are not wasted when crafting
You can craft the maximum number of items in one go, regardless of the number of ingredients
You can create all things, even those for which you don't have enough resources.
Reproduction of items is as follows:
In inventory, click on the item you want to multiply (a red frame will appear around it);
Click on an empty spot in your stock. Individual objects (for example, tools) will be split, and the number of other objects will be maximized (for example, after dragging 1 fiber, you will get 999 fibers).
Note: for the Mod to work, please save the game progress and load it
Turn off the network when opening the game
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