Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game

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Version: 9022.12.4
  • MOD - Unlimited Money / All skins and levels are open
  • Genre: Action
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5.0 +
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Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game
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  • Android Requirements
    Android 5.0 +
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Plot "Clone Armies: Tactical Army Game"

Build an army of clones from your soldiers!
This game has a unique feature - the ability to go back a few moves in case of mistakes and correct them.
Choose a convenient game mode for yourself and go through many interesting missions.
The army has a machine for cloning soldiers and a large arsenal of equipment and weapons. Each fighter has his own unique abilities.
In addition to the large number of enemies on the way of the troops, there will be many traps that will await them at every turn.
Pay attention to each soldier and your chances of successful completion will increase!

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Information about MOD
Unlimited money
All skins and levels are open

The sandbox is open;
Added a skip of the first level (press pause and the level will end);
Skipped training;
Endless game currency and upgrade cards;
All skins and levels are open.

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